The Rabbit in the Moon is a venture from the team at The Man Behind the Curtain. We wanted to focus our attention on a specific cuisine to explore new ingredients and techniques. We love East Asian food and more and more dishes had an Asian influence. It's the perfect direction for this new restaurant as there is an abundance of ingredients to explore and develop. In order to have our own identity we have worked on new dining concepts such as more hand held dishes and offering a unique cocktail pairing. As with The Man Behind the Curtain we have paid as much attention to the service , sound and interior to create a exclusive dining experience

Head chef Luke Cockerill has worked for Michael O’Hare since he was 17. Now at 21 he is leading the kitchen to shape a modern and forward thinking menu influenced by East Asian cuisine. Luke has a very artistic approach to his food inspired by his own experiences, passions and the food he loves to eat . He is stripping it back of all tradition and authenticity to create a truly unique and exciting dining experience - space age Asian

Matt Whiley is providing a bespoke cocktail list for The Rabbit in The Moon. Matt’s ground-breaking work has impacted the cocktail industry globally having co-founded Fluid Movement and five award winning bars across London (Purl, Worship Street Whistling Shop, Dach & Sons, Talented Mr Fox & Peg + Patriot). Matt runs his own bar consultancy Talented Mr Fox, creating and developing menus for other Michelin star restaurants such as Fera at Claridges, Restaurant Story, Gymkhana, One Leicester Street.